This award is constituted to attract the young graduates to initiate their career in Teaching and Research at PEC. While there are several factors that influence decision by young scientists and engineers to pursue a career in teaching or research in India, the gap between the compensation we pay our faculty and that received by their peers in the Indian industry (and elsewhere) is significant (4x in most cases, and 10x in certain disciplines), and this gap is increasing. This has led to young scientists and engineers turning away from research or teaching as a career option.

Within education fraternity, there is consensus that such a gap must be narrowed. Indeed, the compensation must be increased to at least twice of that we currently pay our faculty. Further, while such an increase in compensation must be at all levels, it is most urgent in respect of younger levels, viz. Assistant Professor and Associate Professor, since most fresh recruitment takes place at these levels. The only way we can succeed is if we offer the right environment, the right infrastructure, and the right compensation.

The details can be fine-tuned in consultation with Donor.

The faculty applying for Young Fellow Scholarship is to propose a request with complete information involving cost , deliverable and outcome of the proposal to the committee.