Student Alumni Relation Cell (SARC)

Student Alumni Relations Cell (SARC) is run by the present students of PEC who are enthusiastic to Alumni preserve in corpus. It is an entity of utmost importance to the Dean Alumni, Corporate and International Relations office, which plays an important role in strengthening the bond between students and alumni. SARC performs various activities so as to enhance interaction and build a network between the students of our Institute and the alumni.

SARC acts as a platform for invaluable telephonic conversations with the alumni. SARC ensures that the alumni are informed about the various Institute activities and innovative research taking place in campus through regular newsletters.

SARC works for the betterment of our Institute by exposing students to a larger world, allowing them to learn from the proficiencies of our alumni. With SARC as a medium, PEC’s alumni are able to pro-actively contribute their competencies towards the betterment of their alma mater.

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