To create a corpus so that we can assure International conference travel to our eligible UG,PG & Ph.D students. This provision to the researcher is in addition to the provision of the Iinstitute for National conferences.


One of the clear long term vision for PEC Chandigarh is to significantly enhance its research output. This can be achieved only if we are able to increase both the quantity as well as quality of our Ph.D intake. With this in view, we are targeting increasing the Ph.D strength. A number of initiatives are on to make our Ph.D programmes attractive. This is one of those initiatives that would make our Ph.D programmes visibly attractive.

A visible presence of number of our research students at top conferences would also give our research programmes considerable visibility and would be a step towards even attracting International students and visitors.

Support Scheme

It is proposed to approach the Alumni and Industry to contribute towards the RSTA corpus. The corpus funds so generated will be used to provide travel support to research scholars. The scheme envisages three levels of international conference support for the students:

  • Rs. 70,000 for a conference in Asia
  • Rs. 1,00,000/- for a conference in Europe
  • Rs. 150,000/- for a conference in USA or other continents

A process of ensuring quality of the conferences for which such award would be considered would be undertaken by the committee at Institute level.

Administration of the grant
All these awards are given through the office of Dean Academic and is monitored by an Institute level committee. Others details regarding this research travel grant are available on the Link given below: