Guidelines for Distinguished Alumnus Awards

The true measure of a contribution of an institution to the society and nation is the achievements of its alumni. PEC is globally known to develop leaders in Technology, Entrepreneurial endeavour and for the service to the society. A large number of alumni have gained unique distinction through success in their professions, contribution to their communities and their services to the globe. The University has instituted Distinguished Alumnus Award to recognize and honour outstanding alumnus/alumna.

Purpose and Philosophy

The purpose of the Distinguished Alumnus Award is to recognize and honour the alumnus/alumna who has made significant contributions to society and their accomplishments.

The Distinguished Alumnus Award is not only to recognize and honour the alumnus/alumna but also illustrate the values incorporated in all students, staff and faculty to increase the pride of University.

Criteria for Selection
The awards will be reflective of PEC’s core values– Excellence, Integrity, Leadership, Loyalty, Respect and Selfless Service. Recipients will be accomplished in any of the following distinct areas. a) Academics/ Research
b) Corporate Development/ Administration/ Entrepreneurship
c) Social Sciences/ Engineering and Services/ Public Administration.
d) Service to Society
Eligible Nominees
Nominees must have graduated from PEC. A graduate (alumnus) of PEC is defined as an individual who has completed and been awarded one or more degrees from the Institute/University. Nominations for consideration of Distinguished Alumni Award may be invited from all over the world and anybody can make nomination for consideration. Upto four (4) awards can be given in a year. The information seeking nominations should be widely published on the institute website, publications and any other means as the institute may consider suitable to give wide publicity. Self-nominations are also allowed.
Guidelines for Nomination
  1. Nominations may be made for a Distinguished Alumnus Award by any individual or a group.
  2. Nominators are encouraged to provide supporting documents that further distinguish the nominee.
  3. One nomination per individual will be considered.
  4. Once nominated, the nomination will be valid for two (2) subsequent years. Nomination maybe updated and renewed by the original or other appropriate nominator for consideration in subsequent years.
  5. All nominations should be sent to the office of Dean Alumni, Corporate& International Relations, PEC University of Technology, Chandigarh.
  6. Nomination will be considered for three (3) years and if the person is not recommended for the award, then the person requires a fresh nomination for consideration.
  7. The nominations received will be screened and evaluated by a committee consisting of the following:
    a) Director
    b) Dy. Director
    c) All Deans
    d) One BoG nominated member
    e) Two eminent personalities outside PEC to be nominated by the Director.
  8. The recommendation of the Committee will be sent to Senate for approval.
  9. The nomination can be made up to 30th June, award shall be announced in Sep/Oct and will be given on 9th November on the eve of Foundation Day/ Alumni Day.
  10. The Distinguished Alumni Award will consist of a citation, a medal and a certificate.
Distinguished Alumnus Awards constitute the following three awards:
A. Award for Young Entrepreneur ( Age less than 40 years)
B. Award for Excellence
C. Award for Alumni Contribution to the institute