To assist in the development of existing establishments

Infrastructure facilities at PEC Chandigarh are being regularly upgraded or expanded to meet the requirements and aspirations of its students. Support from alumni is welcome for improvements in hostel infrastructure, extra-curricular facilities, laboratories, computing & networking facilities, etc. An Alumnus or Alumna can make Institute level or Hostel specific or Department specific donation. An Memorandum of Understanding is signed between PEC Chandigarh and sponsoring Alumnus or Alumna covering the following aspects:

  • Objective
  • Contribution Amount
  • Utilization of Contribution

The magnitude of funds required for setting up the facility are arrived at after working out detailed budget covering the capital investment. There are no bench marks for the magnitude of funds required but these are in the range of few lakhs to several tens of lakhs of rupees. All funds pertaining to the alumni will be managed by AC F&A.

Major and Minor Projects

We consider our valuable alumni as ambassadors of this university and we seek support to strategise, generate and enhance a stimulating learning environment.

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