Chair Professorship

The University intends to establish chair professor(s) in respective departments. Such a chair when established in any department is an honor not only to the person in whose name; it has been established but also to its donor. Establishing such chairs in any Institute benefits the Institute and in addition to its faculty, its students, and to the corporate world. Moreover, in this endeavor, the Institute can retain the highest quality of faculty.


The objective of Chair Professorship is to encourage engineers/technologists with outstanding research contributions, promote long-term participation in academic research and enhance the research standards in institution in specific area.

Potential participants under scheme

Prominent professionals who have worked in well-recognized teaching/research institutions in India. A new faculty post with terms identical to regular faculty may be created. An existing regular faculty position or a visiting faculty, or an emeritus faculty at PEC may be declared as an external Chair where the donation received from external agency will provide such benefit as top-up salary, travel grant or any other benefit to incumbent.

The roles of Chair Professor

  • Caters the highest quality teaching in his/her area of specialization.
  • Guides the Institute/faculty/students in his/her area of specialization.
  • Helps the Institute in fetching different research projects from other financial Institutes.
  • Performs an advanced research in his/her area of field
  • Mentors UG, PG & Research scholars’ students in their academic work.
  • Collaborates and bring industry to the Institute.


Selection process

The process of selection of Chair Professor would be based on peer reviews of the overall research achievements and other achievements in the recent past. Contributions made to the growth of the institute can also be given due weightage.

The selection committee will comprise of:

  • Director, PEC University of Technology.- Chairman
  • Dean Faculty Affairs
  • Dean Academic Affairs
  • Concerned Head of Department
  • Donor or his/her nominee - Observer


To create a Chair i.e. endowed professorship, an MoU is to be signed between the donor and PEC Chandigarh covering the following:

  • Objective
  • Title of the Chair(s)
  • Area: Department/Institute Level
  • Amount of Endowment
  • Utilization of Income & Accounting Procedure
  • Mode of Selection and Appointment of Professor
  • Tenure (validity/extension/termination)
  • Expected Role/Activities of Professor
  • Special provisions like Housing, Travel, Contingencies and Secretarial help



May be fixed as per terms and conditions of sponsoring agency/donor.

Period of Engagement

May be fixed as per terms and conditions of sponsoring agency/donor.