Message from the Director

Heartiest greetings from your beloved Punjab Engineering College.

I can feel the inherent bonding which we all have towards our own institute. It is my firm belief that any institution earns name and fame due to the excellence of its alumni.

Therefore, one of my goals is

  • to encourage and promote all-time involvement and commitment of alumni with the University
  • to cement the bond between the University and our very own alumni, and
  • to preserve the positive relationships with our alumni.

I am happy to announce the establishment of The Office of Dean Alumni, Corporate and International Relations at the campus, with the primary aim to make the communication link between the University and the alumni live.

I do cuddle and acknowledge alumni as one of the main pillars in the growth of the University, and would therefore urge all alumni to participate in and support the programmes, activities and events happening at the campus.

Being one of the most valuable treasures, you can act as mentors to today’s students and faculty, as advisors to the University and, of course, as financial supporters by becoming integral part of PEC and shaping it to one of the world class University.

The PEC Alumni Connect website is dedicated to restart the lifelong connection between its alumni and the university. Please use this website as a guide for how you can get connected with PEC as well as with fellow alumni both India and Abroad.

Come Connect and Make Your PEC!!!