Alumni Connect

Connect is a platform for our glorious and huge alumni base to get in touch with the Institute. Different ways to get connected:

The Institute encourages the Alumni to provide lectures and career guidance /counseling to its students whenever they visit their Alma Mater from Abroad/ India. This can be done by introducing the various options to the students that they might not be aware of. This will help the student to explore all their options to the fullest and achieve the best. It is easier to organize Department specific talks rather than general lectures at short notice. Entrepreneurs can share their experiences with students through Placement Cell of the Institute.

Institute level lectures in the Seminar Hall or Senate Room are also welcome but require planning in advance by 4-6 weeks.

The Alumni who wish to share their experiences with the students can do so by simply filling perfoma (a) The convenient date and time in consultation with the Head of the respective department or the Dean Alumni Affairs will be intimated.

Important: Students are on vacations from early May to late July in summers and the entire December during winters. Examination schedules may also be referred through Academic Calendar

Alumni are the best role models for its students. Thus, their involvement with the Institute is of critical importance. Also for any alumni, it is a pleasing experience to connect to their young mates and give what they have learnt after leaving their Institute and guide the students of their alma mater to achieve excellence in life. With plentiful experience in various fields, the alumni can share with students their vast amount of experience. Alumni can have a provision or option for adopting one or more students of the Institute .

For informing about your association kindly fill the performa

Alumni are welcome to share their experience & knowledge in the field of their expertise with the faculty by organizing Short Term Courses, Faculty Development Programmes, Enterpreneurship lectures or for formation of research groups in the field of their expertise. The associations can be project based, branch specific or in general . Alumni have to initiate the process by filling up the Performa

If it is faculty specific then it will be forwarded to the faculty concerned and if it is proposed will be circulated to the faculty of the Institute for their expression of interest . Alumni will be intimated accordingly.

PEC aspires to keep the entrepreneurial fire burning in current students and alumni members. We aim to connect successful entrepreneurs with the budding ones so that they can benefit from their insights and guidance and be successful. Our alumni who have been spectacularly successful in the entrepreneurial world are invited to get in touch with their Alma mater. If you are one of them, please send us your information and schedule in the link given below.