Mantac Brara Award for excellence in Creative Writing and Sports
Mantac Brara Award for excellence in Creative Writing and Sports is started on the basis of a donation received from PEC Alumnus, Sh. Arvinder S. Brara who graduated in the year 1965 from Department of Mechanical Engineering. The award is given from the interest accrued on the donation received, which is invested in the form of fixed deposit. The award is for PEC students and is presented annually to one student for excellence in creative writing and sports activities during the Bachelor studies.
Guidelines for the Mantec Brara Award for Excellence in Creative Writing and Sports
  1. Applications for the award will be invited once a year from the final year UG students of PEC at the beginning of the seventh semester.
  2. The award will be given to the passing out students who would have written articles in well recognized magazine/PECMAG/newspaper etc. and would have played at least one sport during the course of studies at PEC while maintaining a good academic record.
  3. The following points will be considered by the award committee:
    a. Quality /status of articles in magazines/newspaper (30%)
    b. Achievements in sports activities (30%)
    c. Academic Performance (30%)
    d. Any other point considered important by the Award Committee (10%)

  4. If a qualifying application is not received, then an award may not be given in a particular year and can be carried forward to the next year(s).
  5. The award will be given during the Annual Award Ceremony held every year. For some reasons if the same is not possible then the award shall be given at some other prestigious event.