Dr. Manoj K Arora (Director, PEC University of Technology) along with Prof. K K Gogna ( Dean Alumni, Corporate and International Relations) and Mr. Sanjay Batish (Coordinator, TEQIP-II) visited Mumbai on 18.11.2016 and met some alumni at Hotel MEHUA THE FERN, MUMBAI at 8.30 A.M. The following alumni were present :

1. Sh Ashok Malhotra ( 1986, Production Engg)

2. Sh Rakesh Kumar Sharma ( 1973, Mechanical Engg)

3. Sh Ashok Kumar Aggarwal (1973 ,Mechanical Engg)

4. Sh Tejinder Singh Ahluwalia (1973, Electrical Engg)

5. Sh Rakesh Tandon ( 1973, E& EC Engg)

6. Sh K.L.Mukhija ( 1970, Production Engg)

7. Sh Jagdish Mahajan ( 1963, Mechanical Engg)

The alumni after welcoming the Director and his delegation, raised the question as to how they can contribute to uplift their Alma Mater. In response to this, Director PEC University of Technology, explained to them that PEC is progressing like leaps & bounds in every field & to strengthen it further, there is a need of alumni to come forward to help their Alma Mater.

The possible areas where the alumni can contribute are:

(i) Up gradation of labs of the Institute

(ii) Intellectual contribution in terms of lectures to the students/faculty

(iii) Infrastructure support for minor & major projects

(iv) Contribution towards the Corpus Fund.

Alumni were made aware of the fact that the details of all these is available on the website of the institute (alumni.pec.ac.in). The alumni present in the meeting informed the delegation that they will soon hold a meeting of all the alumni residing in Mumbai for further action. The meeting ended with a vote of thanks to the Director & his delegation.