A meeting comprising of various delegates from industry, academia, faculty and students, was held on 29th March, 2018 at Senate Hall, PEC in the presence of Director PEC, Vice Chancellor, PU and Prof. Hardev Singh, Chair-Trustee of The Haydn Green Foundation, U.K.

The agenda for this meeting was to bring together like-minds to brainstorm on the thematic areas and work out the Triangular International Corridor of UK, India & China in order to establish and sustain an international platform for innovation and entrepreneurship while creating international entrepreneurship mind in youth.

The meeting started with a welcome speech by Dr. Manoj K Arora, Director PEC where he shared the visions of PEC and CRIKC to participate in International Entrepreneurship Corridor. He emphasised his commitment to lead incubation efforts at CRIKC as well as at city level. Subsequently, Dr. Arun Grover, Vice Chancellor, PU and President CRIKC pointed out that PEC is the best place to undertake this initiative and bring things forward to building concrete ideas.

Dr.  Hardev Singh, Chair-Trustee of The Haydn Green Foundation, UK shared his proposal and mentioned that he aims to engage with India at three levels, namely: Academic Engagement, City-to-city Engagement and Entrepreneurship/Industry Engagement. He further added that starting from China (Ningbo), UK (Nottingham) and India (Chandigarh), HGIIIEC(Haydn Green Institute International Innovation and Entrepreneurship Corridor) Phase I would be for 3 years and it would facilitate 3 levels of interactions on Innovation and Entrepreneurship across 3 countries.

During the Discussion Session, various themes like Sustainable Agriculture, Solar Energy, Bio-Medical devices, Pharmacy, Integrated project on farmer Industrialisation etc. were proposed from which the best suited could be opted for taking things ahead.

Later, the first version of Ingenuity International Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition 2018 was proposed that aims at creating entrepreneurship culture in youth and facilitating international business and collaborations while promoting innovation and economic growth of the three countries. It aims to be one of the very first cross-border entrepreneurship competitions. Its theme being “Smart City-Intelligent Economy”, will focus on five sectors viz. advanced technologies, healthcare, digital economy, financial services and creative industry.

Towards the end, it was decided that PEC will be leading the CRIKC in this initiative and would be expected to perform some responsibilities including designing and organising activities incorporating university resources as the fundamentals of HGIIIEC, opening innovation funding to support the entrepreneurship activities of HGIIIEC, attracting the policy and funding support from the Ningbo/Indian government to support HGIIIEC and providing physical presence of HGIIIEC and support its daily operations when needed.