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Department of Computer Science and Engineering, Punjab Engineering College (Deemed to be University), Chandigarh has organized expert talk on “Evolution of Blockchain: From Cryptocurrency to Smart Contracts and Decentralized Web” on 05.09.2018 (Morning session) during Industry Academia Expert Week (4th – 7th Sept 2018). The talk was delivered by Mr. ArshdeepBahga, Director, Cloudemy Technology Labs LLP, Chandigarh. The expert started the session discussing the evolution, concept and structure of distributed data structure comprising of blocks known as blockchain. He also outlined various characteristics of blockchain that makes it immutable, secure, transparent and scalable. The speaker emphasized on smart contracts which is a consensus mechanism helping in faster number of transactions per second, thereby improving efficiency and performance. Use of blockchain networks in document verification, marriage certificates, birth certificates, automobile records, land registry, copyright protection, supply chain tackling etc were also discussed. It was followed by comparison of various blockchain platforms like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Neo, Lisk and EOS. The speaker concluded the expert talk by elaborating upon various challenges and open research areas such as smart contract vulnerabilities, lack of awareness, regulatory and privacy hurdles etc. Finally, the lecture ended up with questionnaire session and discussion of students and speaker.     

Center for 

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An expert lecture of Er Sanjiv Gupta, Ex Sr General Manager (Manufacturing) SML-ISUZU on “Total Productive Maintenance (TPM)” was held today at Centre of Total Quality Management. Every Deming  Prize (the most prestigious award in the field of quality) winner has implemented this concept.

Mr. Gupta gave an over view of the concept of TPM. The students were informed about the advantages of adopting this philosophy (along with live examples), the Principles of TPM and why the organisations look for Zero Breakdown of equipments, Zero Defects, Zero loss etc. While explaining different type of maintenance activities, emphasis were laid on calculation of Overall Equipment Efficiency (OEE) and the need to improve it.  Benefits In terms of PQCDSM were also be a part of discussion.  After giving background, a detailed discussion with case examples were held on pillars of TPM, their activities and how these pillars support each other to achieve company objectives.

In all there were 20 participants  get benefited from the interaction.