The Centre of Management & Humanities, Punjab Engineering College in collaboration with Dean Alumni & International Affairs Office, PEC organised an Expert Lecture on 'Music and Meditation-A Perfect Blend' that was delivered by Mr. Joshua Pollock on 9th April, 2018 in the institute's Seminar hall.
Mr. Pollock is a Heartfulness trainer and practitioner from United States. An accomplished Western classical violinist, he has performed and taught throughout the world, including multiple collaborations with composer A.R.Rahman.During his lecture, Mr. Pollock discussed the importance of music and meditation and pointed out that apart from music, there are various other activities that help one to develop concentration and provide one's mind with a stable and restful state. He drew an analogy between the mind and the pendulum by explaining how the pendulum swings between disturbed and equilibrium state which can be compared to a mind continuously trying to find peaceful and equilibrium state. He stressed that this state of the mind can be achieved with the help of meditation.