Prof Akshai  Runchal who graduated in Mechanical Engg with Honors  in 1964 from PEC, visited the campus on 28th March 2016 to deliver an expert lecture on “CFD in Engineering, Health and Environmental Sciences” . He did his PhD in Fluid Mechanics and Transfer Processes from Imperial college (London University) in 1969. Prof Runchal is an acknowledged international expert in CFD.  His lecture was attended by faculty, M.E. and PhD students of various departments.

Prof Runchal mentioned   the history of CFD. He told that CFD is widely used in the areas of Aerospace Engineering, Energy, Transportation,  Automobiles sector, Nuclear power plants, Bio Sciences , Civil Engineering  , national security etc. He demonstrated the use of CFD to map the Tsunami effect on the land, flow of medicine in the brain of a rat, calculation of wind shear loads on an unconventional building, deposition of particles in human eyes and many more various applications.

There was a question answer session at the end of the lecture.