Award for Excellence
Selection Criteria: Probable list of documents for suitability of the candidates can be:
Awards & Recognitions received
i. Presidential Recognition
ii. International , National, State, Industry, local community
Documents relating the recognition of rating of the company
i. Reputed organisations / magazines
ii. Online polls / Informediary sites / media
i. Innovation / Discovery / Patents / licences / IPRs acquired
ii. Books Authored
iii. Improvements in process, design or technology
Organisational/ Individual Achievements
i. Volume of work / projects handled
ii. Cost & energy savings
iii. Use of indigenous material/ expertise
iv. Positions handled in the organisations
Contribution to society
i. Technology transfer and Infrastructure Development
ii. Employment opportunities created
iii. Donations to NGOs / Initiating NGO(s) or running
iv. Health, Sanitation & Safety, Environment / Recycling
v. Working for a cause – Education, child labour, Empowering women, children, cancer etc.