Award for Alumni Contribution to the institute
Probable list of documents for suitability of the candidates can be:
Giving to institute
i. Monetary
ii. Infrastructure (Lab, furniture, building, Guest house)
iii. Lab instruments / Equipment /Computer Peripherals
iv. Books / Ref. Material / software
i. Assistance in research / Projects
ii. Guest Faculty
iii. Presentations on industry experiences
iv. Lectures and conferences
v. Career guidance
Sponsorships of
i. Events and functions / Seminars / Awards
ii. Industrial Tours
Scholarships & Grants
Scholarships & Grants
Trainings, Internships & Placements
i. Industrial Training / workshops
ii. On-job training / internship
iii. Placement Opportunities
Connectivity with Institute
i. Active registered alumni
ii. In touch with current students online
iii. Provide online support to students
iv. Active blog page online
v. Active member of one or more committees of the institute.
vi. Connectivity with faculty to share industrial experience.